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Memoirs of a Decently Modest and Awesome Person

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All touchin' my jazz hose... Jun. 6th, 2008 @ 01:56 am
Long time no see! Which is probably the beginning of my last forty entries or so. Ah well. Maybe I'll keep up with this after this one? Most likely not, though I wish I would.

The new Weezer album is...good? I like it. I don't think it'll hold up to the debut, but it's at least as good as Green was I think. Good with a few spotty moments and a few standout moments of greatness. I didn't think they had it in them. I was expecting another Make Believe. I'm pretty excited for the tour, even though they're boring as hell live it seems. Just getting to hear El Scorcho live sounds like a party to me though.

Summer is treating me pretty great. The sloth I am now capable of is amazing. Going to bed at four or five, waking up at one or two. It's like being fifteen again! For me, at least. I doubt any of you had a fifteen like that. I was one lazy mofo. Dayummm. I managed to escape the semester with a 4.0, which is nice I guess. Community college though, go figure. Majoring in music, just did basics last semester though. Government, Math, English and History. Taking the next step up of each respectively plus Music Theory, Ear Training/Sight Singing, Individual Guitar, and Class Voice. I'm pretty excited about all of those. I already know whatever I'm gonna learn in Music Theory I, so it'll be a breeze anyways. Class doesn't resume until August, so I have no idea how I'm gonna fill up the rest of the semester. It is boring, but it's a wonderful boring.

I wouldn't mind too much if I could just be lazy the rest of my life. That'd be nice.

Speaking of lazy, I am no longer employed at Kroger! I dunno if I ever updated that or not. I'm bummin' it and it feels pretty good. The house is no longer just myself, which is a mixed blessing. It's nice having some other people, but never having to wonder where all the Doritos went is sweet.

Alot of graduations. Glad they're over. Fun parties and stuff, but dayum people, try to spread it out a little. Every person I know graduated this year it seems.

I'm super hungry, so it's really hard to type about anything that doesn't involve DELICIOUS MEATS AND SPICES. Freudian slipping all over the place.

Twenty pages left in Lolita. I was supposed to return it to the library a few days ago, but I'm a criminal. I read Vonnegut's Hocus Pocus right before that, which I thought was pretty damn good. I got through that in like, four days. Not so much for Lolita. That has been a month and a half or so. Nabakov's prose is incredibly entertaining, but all the word-play is pretty hard to follow when one does most of their reading at 2:00 in the morning.

Now that my parents have moved back in, I have to relinquish the living room. I was using it to hold all my instruments and stuff, but it was pretty cramped. We moved all of that sort of stuff into another room, which fits it much nicer. Kind of cozy, but no more than the living room was with the furniture and such. Did I ever say that I got a drum kit? Big ass thing. 9-Pieces, plus the two cymbals, the ride and the hi-hat and snare. DOUBLE BASSS-UHHHH! I'm not sure if I'll ever have any desire to play music that uses double bass, but if I do, it's down there waiting for me. I bought it used for $600, which I'm pretty happy with. It sounds good, feels good, only one or two minor problems that wouldn't be hard to fix.

I've got the Nintendo 64 out. Michael and I have been playing Ocarina of Time. We're at the end now. Going around and finishing off all the side-quests before we fight Ganondorf, getting all of the Golden Skulltulas and stuff. It's a really good time. I already have Majora's Mask, but no super-fancy N64 enhancement chip thing that you have to get to play it. I'll order one on ebay for a quarter or something.

I'm broke now that I've bought a bass and another guitar besides the drums. But it feels good. I just wish I had $200 extra for a bass amp or something. I suck on it, can't be inspired to practice if I can't hear it. It feels pretty easy though, as far as I can tell. It's a cheap replica of an old Paul McCartney-style Violin-Bass. So that's pretty cool. Not gonna be too thumpy when it gets plugged in, I reckon.

This new Weezer song has a part straight out of The World Has Turned and Left Me here. I wonder if that's intentional or just some weird coincidence...

I saw Elvis Costello open for The Police a few days ago. The Police seemed tired and old, though I enjoyed it. It was kinda like watching Sting with backup band THE POLICE. They turned nearly every song into an extended jam thing, which is not their strong-suite. I was much more pleased with Costello's performance, predictably. His guitar work is really great. It's noisy and abrasive and loud and awful. He still has it, I say.

My mother had another child. The makes four children. It was a girl, making the grand total of siblings three sisters. She's a gorgeous baby. Gotta complain about the noise though. I'm told this is because she has colic (sp?) which is a newborn baby ailment that leaves her with constant gas. Sweet kid though. As soon as the gas settles, I'm sure she'll be great.

Gonna go find some heart pieces or skulltulas or something. Or maybe some food first. Yeah.
Listening To:: The Angel and the One by Weezer

Dec. 17th, 2007 @ 01:00 am

It's nice to meet you. Sep. 9th, 2007 @ 09:58 pm
Worked an eight hour shift today. Three of them ridiculously difficult. The others boring. Praise Jebus, I only have one other eight hour shift to deal with this week and its on Thursday which is nice and slow. I'd much rather be bored than busy, I'm afraid. I'm lazy.

Last time I went up to Austin I stopped by Waterloo Records and picked up Either/Or on vinyl. Its life changing, though I like Figure 8 most. I wish they had it. Well, I'm going back up this weekend for Austin City Limits. Maybe I'll drop by again and maybe they'll have it now. If not, I can pick up Abbey Road at least. I felt kind of like a douche for picking Either/Or over Abbey Road, the former being a recent favorite and the latter an all-time favorite. But what can I say? They'd get pretty even play in retrospect.

My job is mostly a rewarding experience. I've got $400 in my wallet I'm dropping off at the bank tomorrow. When I started the job I told myself I'd just save all of it until I reached $1,000. After that, blow everything I make for a few months. I'll pretty much be there now, so its time for the party to begin. Unfortunately, the only thing I can think to spend my money on is a nice pair of bowling shoes. And that only blows a good $15 or so. God bless you, Ebay. I know there's various instrument related things I could do with the money. If this planned band with Joe and Jake gets going I'll get my piano tuned.

The band, or more properly, the idea of the band, is Myself, Jake, Michael, Joe, Micah and Bobby. Guitar, drums, guitar, vocals, guitar and bass respectively. That's alot of guitars. No earthly idea what we'd sound like together, honestly. Hopefully good.

I'm very bored tonight. I don't have to work until five PM tomorrow, so I should definitely go out and do something in a bit. A just got out of the bath and sitting naked in my chair feels too good.

I'm climbing roofs (rooves? No, certainly not) all over the place. Churches, schools, abandoned nursing homes...None of them are safe from being scaled! Its a pretty thrilling hobby. I can climb like a crazy spider monkey, so its not too hard most of the time, though when its a little too difficult to do without exerting all of one's energy is when its most fun.

Austin City Limits looks to be a blast. I'll finally get to see Bob Dylan after all these years! Though I've come to realize its going to be a pretty boring and soulless affair, it'll still be nice to see the man. Muse, The White Stripes, Bob Dylan, The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age, Damien Rice, The Decemberists, Spoon, Regina Spektor, Ben Kweller, one or two others...It should be fun. The really shitty part is Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are on a tour together and only Bobbo is going to be at ACL. Maybe I'll be surprised. Oh God please.

Time to get dressed and go out.
Feeling:: bored
Listening To:: No Name #5 by Elliott Smith

Just save a piece for me Sep. 6th, 2007 @ 01:04 am
I have the internet again! Glory and hallelujah! Its been months since I've sat here naked in my computer chair! A lot has happened! A whole lot! I live alone! I work at Kroger in the Produce! I guess that's all in my relatively unexciting yet entirely satisfactory life!

My parents moved to Katy. Which is about an hour away. They're going to sell the house I'm currently living in eventually, but for now I have a nice big bachelor pad with which to partayyy all the time in. Though given my mostly quiet nature partying is, well, what I'm doing now. Nudity.

Michael and I have recently taken to climbing buildings in the wee hours of the morning for entertainment. Its a really satisfying hobby. Find somewhere nice and high and the view is incredible. I'm thinking of taking my MP3 player out to the top of the nearest church and watching the traffic. Maybe bring a reading light and a book...

I'm about half way through In Cold Blood now. It's a Capote book, but I imagine whoever's reading knew that. Its really, really, really good. Detailed down to the tiniest...uh...detail. I wouldn't have thought that would be so entertaining, but its just absolutely captivating. When I pick it up, its nearly impossible to put back down. I need to re-watch Capote after I finish it.

I also have a cat now. Her name is Catamari, which is a bad pun. She spends all her time sprinting around the house, trying to climb the walls using only her claws. It never works. Occasionally she does a random back flip and dashes off to avoid some invisible antagonist.

I am very hungry. I've discovered the joy of ramen noodles outside of the chicken flavor. Oriental and Spicy Chicken are both wonderful. Oriental is pretty much a slightly more spicy Beef, but Beef is good too of course. Don't ever try the Mushroom though. It tastes like pouring pure sugar on your noodles. Its pretty much inedible. All the other flavors are mostly un-eventful. So its Oriental and Spicy Chicken for me.

My space bar is slightly broken. If I don't hit it right in the middle, the entire other side of the bar comes up and it doesn't press. So if I miss any spaces, I'm gonna go ahead and chalk it up to that.

I watched Clockwork Orange for the third time today. Good movie. Good movie.

I feel incapable of using colorful adjectives. Too much time away. I'll get it with practice.

Living alone is strange. And supporting myself. Though I don't have to pay for a place to live, which is wonderful. I never thought I'd be here six months ago. I'm not doing too bad at saving money from work, though I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. After I save enough, I'm just gonna go crazy and spend all my checks having fun for awhile.

I'm going to be going up to Austin on the 13th or 14th for Austin City Limits. I really can't wait. Gonna get to see Muse, The White Stripes, The Decemberists, Bob Dylan and a few other notables.

I'd like to buy some Bowling Shoes off Ebay,but I think I'm going to wait a few more weeks. Wait until I'm just blowing all my checks.
Feeling:: ubermudbutt
Listening To:: A Better Place, A Better Time by Streetlight Manifesto

Forgot to post this last night. Apr. 5th, 2007 @ 02:00 pm
On Monday I called Mr. Pedraza and asked to start taking guitar lessons again. Fridays at 3:00, woohoo! Its been almost exactly a year since my last lesson. That's a depressing thought. Still, I did improve in that time. Granted, not as much as I would have if I had been under his tutelage I would think. It gave me some time to wrap my head around some stuff and I think that helped alot. I think my fingers have weakened over my time away, but my feel has definitely improved, so I guess it wasn't just wasted time. I can't wait for the lesson, although I'm far from ready for it. I kinda need to know the notes of the entire fretboard. Which I'm not that far from. Once I have that in mind, it should all become as logical as a piano is and I love that.

I wonder if he'll teach me Classical or Jazz?

Tomorrow I'm going to go see Ted Leo, which is pretty exciting. I only wish I knew Hearts of Oak better. Every other album of his I'm very well acquainted with. Only recently have I been able to get into Hearts of Oak. What I enjoyed about him most in the beginning was least prominent in that album, I think. I think that Tyranny of Distance is pretty easily my favorite of his. Alot more diverse than his others, except for maybe his newest.

Before the show, Laura and I are going to head up to Houston early so that we can spend the day up there just checking out the sights. Going to go to this street that's a giant floral store, essentially, which sounds pretty fun, I think. Other than that, I have no idea what to do in the city besides going to the Zoo or getting mugged. Just wandering around for a few hours before a Ted Leo show sounds like my idea of the best day ever, though. I can't wait.

Michael and I have quit the band at church. We're still going to attend service, but it was pretty clear that we weren't wanted in the band by the administration and besides the good feeling of helping out, a volunteer kind of feeds on appreciation. I'll miss it alot. Oh well, other avenues to rock out should present themselves in due times. If they do not, I will be sad. I actually learned alot being in the band this time around.

I wish I had something to talk about besides music and guitar. Kinda why I don't make entries any more. Besides more personal thoughts, that's pretty much all I got.
Other entries
» I saw a show a few days ago where the director's name was Bonerz.
This is my second night in New York City. Funny, my parents didn't know that the apartment they rented was in Harlem. Kind of a weird realization as our pseudo-cabbie drives us there, as things get more and more ghetto. Ah well. Its half the cost of a night in a Hotel around here and its an apartment. They won't let Chelsea leave at night, which is kind of disappointing, as I was hoping to have all kinds of fun running around, taking the Subway from place to place and just having a good time and I don't wanna do that alone.

We arrived late last night. Our plane, which was supposed to depart at 10:40, left at 2:10. Then, after the landing, there was an additional wait of twenty or thirty minutes for a runway thingy to open up. A little bit of wasted time never killed anyone who didn't have plans, though. We each got a $7 coupon for food around the airport, and between the five of us, hey. We also each got a $50 coupon for flights on the air line. Again, between the five of us, that's nothing to sneeze at. The air line only flies to New York City and Honolulu from Houston, though. We have to use them within a year and I suspect we will, one way or another. I'd love to come back to New York with some friends.

After getting our bags and getting over the initial shock of the air port smelling like Bologna, we stepped outside, in search of a ride. We were initially going to rent a car, but that goes against convential wisdom regarding New York City as I'm sure you all know. So, while looking for a cab, we were accosted by a few "privately owned" Taxi services. Unfortunately, my father grew weak and gave in to one of them. I expect that the $77 we had to pay him was more than the standard cab fee. He was a terribly entertaining fellow though. Decked out in pimp-gear and driving a SUV with a bumper sticker exclaiming "SOUTH SIDE ROLLA" or something similar. He asked us five or six times whether where we were heading was really the address we wanted to go to. This was the first sign that perhaps something was amiss.

The ride there was mostly pleasant, besides the testicle wrenching fear. Every few yards, the city seems to become more threatening and ghetto. Giant holes in the road and a constant distant yelling mark the street where our apartment is located. Our pimp-daddy-cabby tells us we aren't exactly the kind of folks he takes to this side of the city. I wasn't terribly surprised. I was listening to Ted Leo's new album on the way there and that seemed to make it more frightening for some reason.

I think that the iPod is the best investment I've ever made. Its gotten a solid 16 hours of use over the past two days, I'd say. Maybe more. It hasn't really been off, any time that I've been conciouss. It makes one feel alot cooler walking around the city with a theme song.

Tomorrow, I'm going to take my sister to see Bright Eyes if we can find some place to acquire some tickets and I imagine there'll be someone scalping 'em outside of the venue. If not, I'll be relieved that I won't have to listen to his screeching. Day after that, we're gonna go see The Thermals, which has me pretty stoked. I didn't even know they were playing until I looked up when and where Bright Eyes was and saw that they were playing the day after. Thank God for that. I'd be pretty pissed had I ever found out and missed them. Still, gonna have to scalp those tickets as well.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll go on some night time adventure into the heart of Manhattan and put the events into words in my head as I ride the Subway back home at 3:00 AM. I should feel more adventurous then. I kinda wanna go out now. Maybe I will.
» Instrumental section in half time.
Days pass, days pass. Not many of them stick out. The differences between yesterday and day before yesterday are near indistinguishable. No matter how much it feels like things change, whether it be for a moment, a day, a week or a month, it always ends up right back here.

I'm thinking of getting a job over at Quizno's. Its only an exit down, Jake, Joe and Chris all work there. Joe and Chris will probably be managers pretty soon. It looks like an easy going job and I'd be working with friends. I think I just might do it. I think it'll be a considerably better work experience than Target. Jesus, it better be. Once again my mind is reeling at the idea of having money to spend. Guitars galore!

Today was spent, though I don't remember much of it. My life is like a giant mass of lethargy, although I'm usually not particularly lethargic. I just seem to behave like someone who is. Let me see. Hung out with Paxton and Michael from noon to four. We climbed up the bamboo trees behind the fence at my park, which is always alot of fun. If only it wasn't mere feet away from someone's back yard who owns a barking dog. They come outside to see why he's been barking for the past half hour almost every time we go out there. His barking went unanswered this time, thankfully. Threw sticks and broke logs, took advantage of nature. Great fun. Other than that, there was Guitar Hero II and Karaoke Revolution. Karaoke Revolution is fun, but unfulfilling. It doesn't have enough songs and the novelty of singing crappy 80s pop and 90s wanna-be alternative wears thin and one will give anything just to play a song that doesn't contain the words "tear drop" or "baby" somewhere in it.

I don't think I like Joy Division or My Bloody Valentine. No matter how many times I listen to Loveless, it just doesn't do anything for me.

Laura and I watched The Prestige. Its the second time I've seen it. Pretty good movie, I thought. It stuck with me really strongly from the first viewing, so there were no surprises, which is always disappointing. Still. It was good.

The last two weeks of the band at church have been phenomenal. I don't know why our rock power got turned back on. Its like someone flipped a switch and suddenly we're back to how we were in the beginning. Roaring guitars, thumping bass, screeching vocals and thundering drums. I don't even know how it happens. We're supposed to play somewhere, sometime. Like, another church. I think we have, like, two engagements at other churches actually, plus the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Pearland High every month. And I think there might've been something else to. So I dunno. People come from other churches to see us play. Its weird. Michael and I are having trouble thinking of a fun song to play to open up the service. We've recently been doing that and it really seems to set the right mood. We've played Eye of the Tiger, James Bond, Korobeiniki (The Tetris Theme), Wipeout...all good stuff. Maybe we'll do Live and Let Die.

I'm leaving for New York in a few days. I should probably ask when. That should break the monotony. Not that every day doesn't present excitement and wonderfulness. I just can't seem to muster the enthusiasm to take advantage of any of it any longer.

The New Pornographers are very, very good. And I've only listened to their first album. Haven't had something nice and poppy to enjoy in the past six months or so and it feels really good to not constantly be looking for something that "fits the mood" when I'm putting something on. That's the joy of pop. It just is. All the time.

I don't feel like I'm going to be able to sleep for a very long time. But I am tired. Really tired. So I don't know.

I've been stricken with my first case of razor burn. I'm not entirely certain why the past few years of shaving various areas of my body hasn't yielded such unruly results before now, but I guess I hit a sensitive spot. Curse you, above and beside the Adam's Apple area! I don't think I have too much of a neckbeard potential, which is really half exciting, half disappointing. If I ever wanna go for that "friendly but socially unaware" look, I'd need the neckbeard.

I'm trying to conquer the music that's played before service at Church. I don't think that late 90s alterna-Christian bands are what the Teenagers that come in are going to associate with. I feel like some groovy, dance-y, just plain cool stuff is more appropriate. But its not my business to make that decision, obviously. I guess I'll just start turning on stuff on my iPod over the speakers and see if they turn it off. Its not really something I can ask about, I don't think. Get some instrumental Pogues up in there, a little Primal Scream, some Ventures...just stuff that really evokes a sense of coolness, whether it be retro, ironic or just plain pistol totin' gangsta with a groove walk.

Children of Men is a really great film. I'd highly recommend it to anyone. I saw it twice in theaters. I'm kind of a sucker for the use of In the Court of the Crimson King, to be fair, though. I didn't get King Crimson until I saw it used in that movie. 21st Century Schizoid Man did something for me, obviously, but everything else kind of rang hollow. Now it all adds up. I can't imagine why. Sometimes just a little bit of visual imagery with a song can make it so much more powerful from that point on, for some reason. Thinking of the towering Statue of David with those giant dogs at the base of it in that plain white room with the windows in the back drop is just so vivid when I listen to it.

I am tired. Good night.
» Infinitymoles.
I was beginning to think I'd never write in here again.

I have tickets for Explosions in the Sky and I'm giddy. Giddy scarcely begins to describe what I am. Every day is a painful reminder that I am not currently at the show. Which is not to say that what I am doing on a day to day basis is worthless and boring, but there are not alot of things that measure up to what I expect from it.

I'm going to New York City on March 1st. I think that's when, at least. Maybe a few days earlier. Anyways, while I'm up there I'm gonna get to see Ben Kweller and maybe Les Miserables, which is pretty cool. Since its my sister's birthday, I'm going to be taking her to see Bright Eyes. Ugh. At least I don't have to tolerate Jack's Mannequin like I thought I would. It'd be pretty funny if what's-his-face, the Bright Eyes guy, got sick and cancelled the show because he would be afraid of giving a sub-par vocal performance.

Went to "the boat" as my parents have affectionately dubbed it earlier. We thought we'd finally get to sail, but alas, it seems that we have purchased the wrong mount for the motor. Oh well. Tomorrow. Or the day after that. Or sometime else. Soon, I will be sea-bound, and that is good enough for me. I can't wait until the moment I'm laying on top of the boat on a bright, sunny day, listening to some Beatles or something else that seems to define those moments. My pasty white skin charring within moments of contact with the sun. Nearby captains going blind immediately, telling stories of a supposed mirror that seemed to reflect the sun's own fury. That mirror is my skin.

I suspect I should be attending Ted Leo when he comes as well. That's pretty exciting. April 5th, I think.

My fingers are coming back to me. Sort of. I still don't feel the same as I did before, but something is changing for the better regarding my desire to play guitar. My minor pentatonic wanking doesn't sound entirely the same all the time now. Just mostly.

I watched Almost Famous last night. Its the first time I've seen it and gotten, like, all the references. I think so at least. Last time I saw it was a good two years ago or so. Its a pretty good movie. I enjoyed it more this time than the last ones. I'm really different than I used to be. I can hardly spot similarities. I still fall asleep with both socks on and wake up with only one missing, oddly enough.

I acquired some fancy-schmancy dress shirts earlier tonight. They look pretty good, I am thinking. Now if only there were a time to wear them.
» I've given you the awful truth, now give me my rest.
I got no idea what's going on.

Have I chronicled my firing? I was fired. I no longer work at Target, thank God. Never again will I work at a Super Store. I called in two days sick and they told me not to come back. My only regret is that I won't have money any longer. Once again, I have to return to rationing it like crazy, planning out where I can and can't go, unable to afford anything for myself.

I need to get Laura a birthday present.

I bought an Elvis Costello record by the name of All This Useless Beauty. I'm now only one or two discs away from the entire collection outside of strange collaborations that aren't primarily his work and that sort of stuff. And Goodbye Cruel World. I don't even know if I want that, I hear its dreadful. Then again, I love even his most masturbatory and over the top stuff. The more crazy he goes with the ridiculous cynicism, hedonism and narcissism the more on-board I am, the more cruel, vile and wicked his words are, the more I love it. And that makes me feel kind of silly, considering myself a man of considerable tastes.

I've garnered quite a fascination with the X-Files. Which may well conflict with the previous sentence. Whatever, it seems like a pretty high quality show to me. Laura and I have stayed up 'til the crack of dawn a few nights watching it on TNT, which is alot of fun.

For Christmas I got either a 512 MB or 1 GB memory stick/card thing for my camera. I'm not certain which. Whatever the case, it now allows me to record 24 minutes of video or 800-something pictures. That's exciting as hell. I'm trying to start using it alot now. I've completely lost my eye for beauty. My ability to recognize unique situations that I can take advantage of for my own enjoyment. My love of solitude or accomplishment. And I know exactly where it all went. I don't think it will be coming back, frankly. I thought I could get it back, but until I remove some obstructions, I am to remain completely...something.

I also received a Peavey Classic 30 amp for Christmas. There are no words to describe the tone my Stratocaster gets through that sucker. Its like, suddenly I understand why its such a popular guitar. I had always felt the sound of the Les Paul suited me more, but coming out of a Tube amp like that brings it to life. I got to turn it up to 10 out of 12 on the pre and post gain when we played at Pearland High School on Monday. Ohhh God, it sounded so sweet.

Lots of new music. Most of it is not to my liking. I should have known better than going to a "best of 2006" thread and downloading everything there. One or two winners, granted, but I really should have been more selective, I think. Still, no harm in having more music. If I don't like it now, I suspect I will eventually. That's how it has worked thus far at least. Except for The Fall. I downloaded them ages ago and I still don't like them. Or Led Zeppelin.

I did buy a Led Zeppelin IV LP that I saw at Half Price Books though. How could I resist? I do enjoy listening to it. It fits a certain mood I guess. And that mood is "retarted" but oh well. I get that way. Increasingly often, it seems.
» I wouldn't let a damn molecule of my dick touch you!
I was in a car wreck a few days ago. Some moron was on the shoulder with a boat hitched to the back of his truck and he pulled out into the freeway going roughly 10 MPH. Meanwhile, regular traffic was fairly heavy and moving a pretty solid 70 MPH. And there were a few cars not a few feet behind him. I was one of those cars. I hit the breaks, not really too hard. I've gotten more than decent at judging how much breakage is needed and where to remain comfortable and not slow down too fast for the people behind me. Unfortunately, the person behind me wasn't paying attention, it seems. She was quite far behind me. It was seconds after everything had returned to normal before I get hit. I like to feel that Michael and I both remained unusually calm, though admittedly we hadn't an idea what to do. So, we pulled over and talked with her a little bit. We decided it would be best to call the cops and let them tell us what to do, pretty much. So, we did that. The cop was nice enough and so was the girl who slammed into me. I'm really amazed at how well my truck took it. The tailgate is just bent pretty much, meanwhile the entire front end of her car is just decimated. I mean, it was smashed into itself. Radiator fluid leaking everywhere. After the cop filed the report, I was allowed to just drive off. Now I've gotta go through the hassle of doing all the insurance crap. Le sigh.

I've acquired some new albums from Half Price Books. Wednesday Morning 3AM by Simon and Garfunkel, Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf (Hohoho), Live at Leeds by The Who, whatever B-52s albums has Rock Lobster, The Game by Queen and Purple Rain by Prince. Damn good haul for one trip. I almost got In Through the Out Door, but then I realized that I really dislike Led Zeppelin. I would buy I, II, III or IV, to be fair. Both of my Simon and Garfunkel albums are in terrible condition, which is really depressing given that I don't have them in any other format and I really like them.

Life has been unusually busy as of late. Whatever time wasn't taken by work was taken by hanging out with Laura or Michael. Since LJ entries are always inspired by lack of anything to do and not wanting to go to sleep yet, they obviously suffered. I suspect they may continue to.

Work is hell. I hate it. I feel like an incompetent fool when I'm doing it, despite being perfectly decent at it. I guess it's just that everyone else already knows where the hash browns are at and all that jazz. The pay checks are nice, but I don't have anything to spend my money on. I've become so accustomed to living without buying myself anything that I don't even want anything any longer. I've got $280 just sitting in my wallet that will probably just end up buying me gas and food. Guess I'll use it to buy everyone some Christmas. I intend to quit my job if I'm not fired come January. They're giving me shit hours nows. 6 hours this week, 5 the next. Seriously. That's insane. I mean, at this point I'd rather not go in at all, but still. Laura informs me that I can almost definitely get a job at the end of year at Kroger doing Produce. I'm told it's ridiculously laid back and easy. Exactly what I need. It'll be more than a $1 pay cut though, most likely. Whatever, I'll probably get more hours to balance it out. If I don't, it's not like I have anything to do with the money anyways.

I don't feel Christmas yet. Perhaps if I go find it instead of waiting for it to find me, I will. Too busy, too busy.

The Pogues are wonderful. Though I can't take more than six tracks at a time or so. Since their only album I have has three times that many, I'm finding it hard to wrap my head around it.
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